Re: [gundam] GM II kit (was: Re: MG GM)

Paul Lampshire (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 23:19:15 -0000

>>>I use super glue - I'm not too picky about the brand. The regular
>>>model glue takes too long to dry
>> Oh good, I get to add the sound of flesh peeling off to the
>>fun... ^_^
>Use a knife to seperate your fingers if you can't afford a bottle of

Or just stick 'em in hot soapy water...

Seriously I've not stuck my fingers together yet - sliced 'em to heck making
vinyl kits, got Superglue on them as well but not stuck 'em to anything.

Of course, you know why Superglue's so good at sticking skin, don't you?
Because apparently that's what it was developed for - as an alternative to
stitches - temporary of course...

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