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Sun, 21 Feb 1999 23:52:39 +1300

At 02:32 AM 21-02-99 -0500, you wrote:
>I just came home to 50+ messages in my mailbox from the Gundam mailing
>list. Over 30 of those messages were about sanding and painting models.
>Isn't there a better place to discuss this, like rec.models.scale, or even

while I do not enjoy these post either, I do think Gundam modlling is
appropriate here.

I do have a larger concern tho, I posted this about three days ago and it
appears to have been modderated. I was whinging about all the current
posts with [gundam] in the topic. If people are having problems with
maintaining and keeping track of where mail comes from, try using the
filters in your email client, and filter anythng that comes from into a mailbox separate from your other stuff. That's how
I manage to filter out anything related to modells on this ML.

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