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Sun, 21 Feb 1999 01:28:46 EST

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<< People who are still sitting on the fence waiting for the LD and DVD
>releases, I already bought my tapes. And you?
 Yep. 0080, 0083 and the three movies. And if Zeta Gundam came out tomorrow
 I'd find *some* way of getting the money together.

I may sound like blasphemy, but I'm waiting for dubbed tapes to come out. I
have all of the series the Aminevillage has subbed, but mine are on LD and in
Japanese only. I do have the first 0083 tape that is dubbed, and have ordered
the second, which I expect to arrive Monday. I'm at a point in my life were
subtitles just aren't what I want in a movie. I'm a bit tired of missing the
action because I read the dialog. And while I do get to the point of knowing
all the lines, so the action can be appreciated, I don't spend that much time
watching my Disks or tapes anymore. I am trying to learn Japanese, but not in
a class format, so I'm not learning it very fast. Which brings me back to
wanting dubbed for my viewing pleasure.


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