[gundam] Turn A Gundam Speculations

Sat, 20 Feb 1999 23:32:45 EST

Turn A Gundam's character design is different, but I think, I kinda like them
after thinking about it, a little. The Gundam itself is ok, maybe even
bearable, but that heads gotta go. But, this new Gundam will probably get
destroyed early in the show and its pilot will somehow get one to replace it,
which will hopefully be at least bearable. I'm not too sure about its gun,
though. I need to see that gun in action before I make an judgement on it, but
it is awful weird and useless looking. I mean, isn't it kinda hard for the
Gundam to aim this werid, top-handled, gun-thing? Wonder if this Gundam will
have a Beam Saber?


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