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>>What happened is that BattleTech was released in Japan, where the
>>derivative mecha would've been painfully and laughably obvious. So
>>hired a Japanese artist to redo all of the mecha with the same specs,
>>different imagery. Then they went back and "updated" the Western
>>with all new mecha.
>Actually, FASA didn't update the Western versions of the mecha. What
>did do was wipe them out of the Battletech continutity (no more

Well, you guys are both kind of right. FASA did use the redone mecha in
but they didn't use the images for the original mechs here in the US.
they used those images for in the US was either as brand new mechs (they
showed up in the Solaris 7 boxed set) or as Clan remakes of the popular
mechs. Either way though, the Unseen were not wiped out of the
What FASA is doing now is not using any of the images anymore (old or
The designs are still in existance and they can be used at tournaments.
just won't be any new minis of them produced. So if you have the original
Partha minis of the Unseen, they just jumped in collector value.

>Rifleman, sniff...). It turns out, FASA got in more Licensing trouble
>they realeased the MechWarrior II computer game, and people in Japan saw

Not quite, once again it was the grasping hand of Harmony Gold that
FASA to stop using the images. HG basically threatened FASA with lawsuit
after lawsuit until FASA either stopped using the images, or FASA went
of business from the lawyer expences. Faced with that, FASA decided to
stop using the images. That's why if you get the new edition of the 3025
Readout, all of the Unseen have been replaced with dumbed down versions
of the original Star League mechs.

>familiar Macross mecha running around. By the time Mechwarrior::
>Mercanaries was released all the "borrowed" mecha had been purged, and
>new versions of all their products make no mention of mechs with names
>Locust, Maurader, Warhammer, etc.

This was only a side effect of FASA's decision, not the main reason.

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