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>> And if using a spray can, always keep the can moving, don't keep it in one
>> area, paint by sweeping the can side to side, like in auto assembly
>> factories, and keep hte can at least 6" to 12" away from the part to be
> I do that now, when possible. But I had a wierd problem with the paint
>beginning to foam (Very small almost microscopic bubbles at one point) but
>the bubbles began to drift into seams and stuff and I couldn't do anything
>about it except try and 'shave' them off after the paint had already
>dried. Yeeek!
        Hmmmm...the only times that happened to me was when I was either out of
the boundaries of the spraycans temperature and/or humidity tolerances for
operation. Alternatively, it could be a reaction to the wax residue on
some kits....or it may have been too close...

> What the problem was is that I used a gloss paint and then dull-coated
>it... It became about a 3lb model when I was done! Now I make sure not to
>bother with gloss paints at all and at least for smaller kits it's not an
>issue. But MG kits are ALREADY pretty heavy so...

        when using gloss paint, it is best to mix it just so with the thinner so
it can spread smoothly, and make the brush strokes disappear after
application. I fyou're handbrushing it...I have a dreissen, Gelgoog-J and
Gaza which are proof of it...

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