Re: [gundam] Beam sabers

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 09:49:52 -0700 (MST)

> Speaking of examples, a correction is in order regarding Shiro's
> make-a-sauna-with-a-beam-saber escapade. Of course his cockpit is still
> usable - after all, Aina uses it to pop out the saber and manuever it
> with the Gundam's hand. Meanwhile, Shiro pops open a hatch in the
> Gundam's forearm to twiddle the saber's power output. Unclear whether
> this governs plasma flow or rate of E-cap discharge or electrical power
> or what, but it confirms that this is _not_ a standard feature since it
> can't be done from the cockpit.

  Well, let's see about this:
  We know/suspect:

        1. In beam weapons, the weapon is 'charged' with M-particles held
        INSIDE the weapon's ECAP/EPAK and,

        2. The firing/discharge of the weapon is controlled by power from
        the MS's own reactor going through the hand.

   If this is true, then the Beam-saber's glowing plasma beam is
controlled by the amount of M-particles in the hilt itself, while the
_field_ is controlled by power from the MS. To analyze the two curious
examples we've seen:

        1. Shiro is apparently weakening the Gundam's power connection to
        the BS, resulting in a weaker beam-containment field and a shorter
        or thinner blade? This would probably also be cooler since there
        are less M-particles being discharged.

        2. Gato ramped up the power to the Gundam's saber-control field,
        allowing the MS to dump alot more M-particles into the saber and
        grossly elongate it.
        3. Gato's saber also requires some sort of external power source
        if it is to maintain the field after being dropped by the MS.
        Another example is South Burning's saber that remains lit in the
        Zamel even after several seconds! (This example seems to be
        ignored alot though). This suggests that a limited-life battery is
        a standard feature in at least 0083-era Federation Beam Sabers.


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