Re: [gundam] V Gundam Models

Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 04:11:09 PST

>> Heya guys. I gotta question on the V Gundam models.. Are they any
>>good? I
>>just ordered the V2 and I hope that was a good thing. Can someone do
> a
>>favor and list a few pros and cons of the V2? Thanks.
>> ~=A4Gokou
>1/144 or 1/100?
>The 1/144 series are unique in that it is the only Gundam kit series to
>feature a skeletal frame that's idential for most of the suits,
>the only difference are the armors you slap on the outside. This
allows =
>to kitbash and build variants that are only limited by your

They also include clear supports to display the kits in flight; some-
thing that should have been done in other model lines, especially
the top-heavy Sentinel kits...

Mark Kai

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