Re: [gundam] PG Zaku

Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 02:40:48 PST

>>Not sure what scale though. 1/50? or would 1/48 be better? Valks are
>>than Gundams...
>1/48 sounds about right... maybe 1/36?

I would say 1/48...isn't that the scale of that Studio-Halfeye uber-
VF-1 Fighter kit?

>>Oh ****. I think the Baund Dog looks very silly, but... How much is

So silly it looks cool...I have a 1987 Hobby Japan Ex that did these
realistic variations of the BD...out there in a good way...

>Since you got me on a roll... direct from the pages of the March issue
>Dengeki Hobby (you guys really should try and get this magazine, it
>Hobby Japan's rear HARD):
>B Club 1/100 RGZ-91 Re-GZ 19,800 yen (ugly, IMHO)

Is this one of those modified versions or the actual 1/100 resin
version of the Bandai CCA 1/144 kit?

>B Club 1/220 NZ-000 Queen Mantha 26,800 yen

Looks kinda toyish. I saw a GORGEOUS Q.M. in Gundam the Plastic#2
that I wish would have been casted into a kit...

Mark Kai

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