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>> I hate painting MG kits. It's really hard to preserve the surface
>Use a airbrush or spray can, and spray in light coats. Put a spray
>can in warm water for 5 minutes before you paint. This will make a
>very fine spray that, when done in several coats, will not cover up
>fine surface detail.

        And if using a spray can, always keep the can moving, don't keep it in one
area, paint by sweeping the can side to side, like in auto assembly
factories, and keep hte can at least 6" to 12" away from the part to be would also help to keep the part stable and fixed to can always paint over that area later.
        That way, you can actually get a grainy finish which looks mmm-mmm good on
a gundam, as well as preserve the lines for inking. I'll be putting up
pics of my suits painted this way soon......

> and you have to be extra careful not to clog up joints that need
>>to open up, and worst of all, your kit becomes MONSTROUSLY heavy when
>>you're done! I did a full repaint on my MS-06S type Zaku and the whole
>>thing was so heavy it became very difficult to pose. Grr.
>Heavy?? From painting? Are you DIPPING your models in paint, Probe??
>Mark Kai
        I know the feeling....brush-painted stuff, though they may have a very
deep sheen specially if gloss paints are used with the proper thinner/paint
ratio, tends to be a LOT of paint.

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