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Richie Ramos (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 18:23:08 +0800

>I bought the 1/144 versions of the Galbaldy and Hizack at Legends becuase
>that was all they had. the 1/100 scale versions are slightly better from
>what I remember - they don't have any more surface detail, but they have
>hands with movable fingers and come with pilot figures (I think Jerid is
>with the Hizack and Lyla is with the Galbaldy). Unfortunately none of them
>are easy to build, and require paint and glue. The 1/144 Galbaldy beta is
>molded in dark red and brown, while the Hizack in 2 different greens. The
>best thing about the kits is that they are very cheap. I would bet that
>both look better without paint than the GM II which is just white.

        I am currently modifying a HI-Zack for fun, and getting new hands and a
few other things for it is definitely no had great articulation in
the legs for its time, but those &^%*&^%*& hoses have got to be
replaced...I'm using black ones, by chopping up some of my EVA power
cables. I'm also making it better armed with non-energy weapons, seiing as
it would be a headache in continuity physics to make it have a megaparticle
        So, you also working on a kit for chris's 0085? cool, am doing a
galbaldy prototype myself for his game....

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