RE: [gundam] The next grade of MS?

Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 01:56:01 PST

 In fact, it might be that all UC
>Gundams get at least the MG treatment.

It's a popularity contest at this point. They do all the 1YW stuff
and Zeta and then pop out 3 0083 kits. Who is to rule out Wing getting
a MG, with its rabid following?

  As for the PG, it seems to be for
>the classic kits, such as Gundam and Zaku, with Mk. II and Zeta likely

Well, I think the MG versions serve as one of the strongest factors
for future PG kits. If the rumor about the MG Zeta losing money is
true, how anxious do you think Bandai is going to be to bring out a
PG Zeta??

  Gundam itself leads to at least several upgrade kits (for
>RX-78-1 and RX-78-3) and Zaku is more or less endless (the R1-A kits
and the
>endless Zaku MSV).
>I would kill for a MK.II PG...
>Once PG goes the way of MG, we may have 1/45th Battery operated self
>propelled Gundams and Zakus battling it out with each other... The
>Grade Gundam (UGG!)

Might current thinking is Bandai's next grade of models will deal
with the exterior of the kits, trying to cast them with profesional
looking surfaces and realistic weathering in the casting process. A
new step in system injection, if you will...

Mark Kai

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