Re: [gundam] MG GM

Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 01:45:56 PST

> I hate painting MG kits. It's really hard to preserve the surface

Use a airbrush or spray can, and spray in light coats. Put a spray
can in warm water for 5 minutes before you paint. This will make a
very fine spray that, when done in several coats, will not cover up
fine surface detail.

 and you have to be extra careful not to clog up joints that need
>to open up, and worst of all, your kit becomes MONSTROUSLY heavy when
>you're done! I did a full repaint on my MS-06S type Zaku and the whole
>thing was so heavy it became very difficult to pose. Grr.

Heavy?? From painting? Are you DIPPING your models in paint, Probe??

Mark Kai

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