Re: [gundam] Gundam in the US!?!?!

Phil Abramowitz (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 22:14:05 -0800

Ah, the great Battletech debate again...

>What happened is that BattleTech was released in Japan, where the
>derivative mecha would've been painfully and laughably obvious. So they
>hired a Japanese artist to redo all of the mecha with the same specs, but
>different imagery. Then they went back and "updated" the Western version
>with all new mecha.

Actually, FASA didn't update the Western versions of the mecha. What they
did do was wipe them out of the Battletech continutity (no more Maurader,
Rifleman, sniff...). It turns out, FASA got in more Licensing trouble when
they realeased the MechWarrior II computer game, and people in Japan saw
familiar Macross mecha running around. By the time Mechwarrior::
Mercanaries was released all the "borrowed" mecha had been purged, and the
new versions of all their products make no mention of mechs with names like
Locust, Maurader, Warhammer, etc.


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