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> At 01:57 2/19/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >FASA bought image rights from Imai, or some
> >other model company. I guess at the time FASA didn't realize that you had
> >to get the rights from the animation house, not the toy and model
> >distributor.
> FASA bought them from Twentieth Century Imports, who got them from Nachimo,
> along with a set of sixteen 75mm (3") models, which FASA distributed for
> use as game pieces. The set included eight Macross mecha (Defender Mk.X,
> Spartan Mk.II, Tomahawk Mk.VI, Glaugg Command Pod, Regault Artillery Pod,
> VF-1J Battloid, VF-1J GERWALK, VF-1S Battloid & VF-1S GERWALK), seven
> Dougram mecha (Bigfoot, Blizzardgunner, Blockhead, Crabgunner, Dougram,
> Ironfoot & Roundfacer) and one Crusher Joe mecha (Ostall Hunter Walker).
> >So what later happened is that HG would sue FASA for infringing on their
> >Macross rights, and FASA would show the contract that they had paid for.
> >Because of this, and a few other reasons, FASA just decided to stop using
> >the Macross, Dougram, and Crusher Joe images.
> What happened is that BattleTech was released in Japan, where the
> derivative mecha would've been painfully and laughably obvious. So they
> hired a Japanese artist to redo all of the mecha with the same specs, but
> different imagery. Then they went back and "updated" the Western version
> with all new mecha.
> Too bad they just didn't bring over those Japanese mecha across the board.
> No way to license it on both sides, I suppose. The designs are really
> sweet and capture the essence of the originals with some really nice modern
> touches. No surpise, really -- it was done by Shouji Kawamori & Studio NUE!
> BattleTech Mecha Combat Rule by Jordan K. Wiseman (1992, Group SNE/Fujimi
> Shobo, ISBN4-8291-7194-4) 3800.
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  Ohhh! Sweet. If only Studio Nue and one of the Japanese studios had done the
series too...

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