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At 01:57 2/19/99 -0500, you wrote:
>FASA bought image rights from Imai, or some
>other model company. I guess at the time FASA didn't realize that you had
>to get the rights from the animation house, not the toy and model

FASA bought them from Twentieth Century Imports, who got them from Nachimo,
along with a set of sixteen 75mm (3") models, which FASA distributed for
use as game pieces. The set included eight Macross mecha (Defender Mk.X,
Spartan Mk.II, Tomahawk Mk.VI, Glaugg Command Pod, Regault Artillery Pod,
VF-1J Battloid, VF-1J GERWALK, VF-1S Battloid & VF-1S GERWALK), seven
Dougram mecha (Bigfoot, Blizzardgunner, Blockhead, Crabgunner, Dougram,
Ironfoot & Roundfacer) and one Crusher Joe mecha (Ostall Hunter Walker).

>So what later happened is that HG would sue FASA for infringing on their
>Macross rights, and FASA would show the contract that they had paid for.
>Because of this, and a few other reasons, FASA just decided to stop using
>the Macross, Dougram, and Crusher Joe images.

What happened is that BattleTech was released in Japan, where the
derivative mecha would've been painfully and laughably obvious. So they
hired a Japanese artist to redo all of the mecha with the same specs, but
different imagery. Then they went back and "updated" the Western version
with all new mecha.

Too bad they just didn't bring over those Japanese mecha across the board.
No way to license it on both sides, I suppose. The designs are really
sweet and capture the essence of the originals with some really nice modern
touches. No surpise, really -- it was done by Shouji Kawamori & Studio NUE!

BattleTech Mecha Combat Rule by Jordan K. Wiseman (1992, Group SNE/Fujimi
Shobo, ISBN4-8291-7194-4) 3800.


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