Re: [gundam] Shopping on HLJ.

Phil Abramowitz (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 21:32:53 -0800

>Get on the 10 freeway and head east. Switch to 60 East after you get
>downtown L.A. Keep going east on the 60 for about 20 miles, after you pass
>the 605 intersection, get off at Azusa (probably the 3rd exit after the
>605 intersection). Take a right after you get off the ramp and head south
>on Azusa and then make a left at Colima. You will see a strip mall after
>you pass the park on your right hand side. Make a right and get inside the
>mall when you see StarBucks and ToGo Sandwich. Legends is right across the
>driveway from Hagaan Daz(sp?), which is next to Funcoland.

If you know the area, Azuza is the exit right next to the Puente Hills Mall.
Legends is in a little strip mall across the street
from it.

>And, where do you guys shop for modeling tools and paints.

My favorite Hobby Store is in West L.A. on Pico near Westwood - the Hobby
Place. They have a good selection of tools, and all the Testors Acrylic
paints (my personal favorite paint).


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