Re: [gundam] GM II kit (was: Re: MG GM)

Phil Abramowitz (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 21:28:10 -0800

> Great minds obviously think alike... ^_^ This is what I was
>actually thinking of doing, but I'm a lousy modeller whos never really
>got on with paint, so I was looking for something that was a) easy to
>build and b) I couldn't screw up too much. If I remember correctly, the
>Zeta GM II is pretty cheap, though. As I was going to ask this anyway,
>not knowing which SUIT I've been assigned yet, can you recommend any
>Galbaldy or Hi-Zack kits?

I bought the 1/144 versions of the Galbaldy and Hizack at Legends becuase
that was all they had. the 1/100 scale versions are slightly better from
what I remember - they don't have any more surface detail, but they have
hands with movable fingers and come with pilot figures (I think Jerid is
with the Hizack and Lyla is with the Galbaldy). Unfortunately none of them
are easy to build, and require paint and glue. The 1/144 Galbaldy beta is
molded in dark red and brown, while the Hizack in 2 different greens. The
best thing about the kits is that they are very cheap. I would bet that
both look better without paint than the GM II which is just white.


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