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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 21:54:30 -0700 (MST)

> Okay, enough of that. On to the GM!


> As I'd expected, the Master Grade GM kit manual is full of cool tidbits.

  Excellent! Anything new and revealing?

> Kodansha MSV books; info on the GM's production run (42 trial units, only
> 288 mass-production ones) and the fleet strength of Operation Star One is

  WAY too low! There's no way they could have won with that few MS...
unless the GM was even more kick-butt good than it appears in any of the
animation we've seen!

> * The 08th MS Team GM is shoehorned into the GM's development history.
> The GM project begins with the RX-79 designation, and then there's a
> trial run of 42 units specially designed for ground combat. The second
> production run gives us the familiar RGM-79.

  I mean, the GM-[G] looks _nothing_ like the RX-78 or the RGM-79... it's
got a big bulky torso that's closest to the RX-79 and nothing else.
  And if this is the new official history, the production of the RX-79
makes even _less_ sense!
  So how do all the GM variants fit into the story? Particularly the
GM-Commandos and GM-Cs?

> * As noted earlier, the GM features a non-transforming core block in
> place of the Gundam's core fighter system. The propellant tanks and
> "helium cores" tacked onto the Gundam's pelvis are, in the GM, relocated

  Ah, you mean those yellow blocks on the Gundam's skirt, eh? Cool! See, I
knew the GM was just as good as the Gundam!

> to the core block; thus, the GM isn't deficient in this respect, just
> more compact and streamlined. The core block can also be swapped out to
> adapt the GM for different environments.

  Yeah! Cool!
  Though the only think I can think of is adding in extra heat sinks for
space, otherwise environmentally I don't see why it's necessary.
  Isn't it cool though, that the GM can be serviced so easily? Engine
trouble? Easy, just swap in a new core block! Got a trashed set of legs?
Lift off the upped body and set it down on another set of limbs! Truely
modular engineering!

> * The dreaded beam spray gun is, according to the kit manual, equivalent
> to the beam rifle in terms of destructive power; however, it's inferior

  Cool! I told you it's gotta be packing some serious power!

> in terms of range and penetration. In Probe terms, it seems to have a
> slower particle speed. The gun recharges while docked on the GM's hip -
> yep, just like a beam saber - which seems like confirmation that it has
> an E-Cap, albeit probably a small one. Judging from this writeup, the

  See, I told you it had to have an ECAP of some kind!
  And doesn't it make TONS of sense from the theory we bounced around
earlier? I.e., that the charged M-Particles produce the ammo 'punch' while
the power from the MS itself produces the accelleration of the particles
required for range and speed!
  Hence, the GM uses the same M-Particle 'ammo-load' of the Gundam
(Standardized ammo effectively!) but it has significantly less MS-power
used for accellerating the particles... and since it fires slower bursts,
why bother having an extra long barrel and long-range targetting gear for
sighting? Hence the GM's beam spray gun is just that, a Gundam rifle minus
the extra-long barrel and bigass sighting radar system and without the
extra-long accellerator butt. It's basically just a small tube-coil
powered by the GM's hand and a M-Particle EPAC bottle behind the trigger!
And that's _exactly_ what it looks like too! cool!

> spray gun seems like the equivalent of a high-caliber pistol: Minimal
> range, limited ammo, but packs a heck of a punch.

  The Gundam's got the M-14, but the GM's packing a rugged, dependable
Colt .45!
  At range, the Gundam's got a good advantage, but in close quarters the

> * The GM can also carry a second beam saber or a bazooka rack on its

  So basically it's got EXACTLY the same backpack and electronics systems
and generator as the Gundam, the Fed just couldn't afford to give every GM
a second saber. Or more likely, they realized from the Gundam's example
that "Hey, he's never run out of saber-juice so why bother with a backup
saber system?"

> backpack. If neither item is installed, you plug in a "terminator" to
> prevent energy loss.

  Kinda goofy, but it explains that little grey block doesn't it? After
all, the Bazooka rack obviously shouldn't require _power_ right? It's also
nice to see the return of a Nu-Gundam style Bazooka carrier too!

> * The five-unit team organization applies to space forces only. Mobile

  Ah, as I suspected!

> fighters (i.e. teams of five), while those attached to ground forces are
> organized like tanks (presumably, in teams of four as seen in 08th MS
> Team and 0083). Space forces are organized into battalions, with three
> companies to a battalion and three teams to a company, for a battalion
> total of 45 mobile suits.

  Sure explains some of the confusion we've been having about the unit
compositions..! Heh heh heh!

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