Re: [gundam] Zakus - getting hosed?

Chris Beilby (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 13:33:29 -0800

> My theory: As we've discussed on the list in days past, a thermonuclear
> rocket engine works by circulating propellant through the reactor and
> releasing it to create thrust. Possible propellants include hydrogen,
> helium, air, and water (in short, substances with low atomic weights).
> Meanwhile, a reactor cooling system would need to circulate some sort of
> coolant around the reactor, then pumping it through some sort of
> radiator. Possible coolants include helium, air, and water.

This would seem to be supported by the scene in the original where Amuro rips
off the head cables and front vent from Gene's Zaku, and the Mono-eye
immediately stops functioning.

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