RE: [gundam] [misc] What do You Do?

Hard_Case (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 23:21:12 -0500

 At 02:17 PM 2/18/99 , A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy, Far, Far Away....
>Hey Folks,
>An interesting thought hit me late last night. What do you guys do for
>We can't all be students here, especially considering how many models we
>seem to buy. So, what's your occupation?

Wow...I feel so low now....I'm neither college student, nor in the business
Just got a brand new CS degree and am learning just how much that paper will
you in the southern New Jersey area.

How I pay for my model? Simple formula - get a credit card...max, make
repeat. At least until self=employed;

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