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> << I'm a secondary school student who is always online while painting my kits
> hehehe ) and I wonder, how many G Gundam fans in this GML ? ( I'm a fan
> too )
> Alex
> >>
> I am. G-Gundam was the first series I owned after the original three movies. I
> enjoy it a lot. I see nothing in it that should bring upon it the negative
> comments that I seem to hear all the time on this List. Yeah, it's not a part
> of the official time line. But it never was intended to be. And yeah, it's
> very satyrical. But it was intended to be. I like it, and it doesn't bother me
> that others don't.
> SJ

  The problem with G-Gundam is that, unlike the others, it takes itself TOO
lightly. The same thing happened with Gundam ZZ, and we consider it to be almost
the weakest of the original timeline Gundams.

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