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>> That would be nice - I've been thinking about getting a GM II
>>kit, but the only one that seems to be available is the Zeta one, which
>>I've been told is not very good...
>Actually, I just started building the Zeta-era GM II kit. It's an extremely
>small kit - very few pieces (2 1/2 trees in a small box). It's got polycaps
>for all the joints except the upper arms, and it doesn't really have a neck
>(I'll have to add one). It's modeled in one color - white, with no
>stickers/decals. If you can paint, it won't look any worse than the 0080
>and 0083 1/144 scale kits.
>I'll post some pics on my web site when it's done. This kit is part of a
>number of Zeta-era kits I bought for the 0085: Rise of the Titans online
>RPG. I just finished a Galbaldy Beta, and have a Hizack next in the queue.
        Great minds obviously think alike... ^_^ This is what I was
actually thinking of doing, but I'm a lousy modeller whos never really
got on with paint, so I was looking for something that was a) easy to
build and b) I couldn't screw up too much. If I remember correctly, the
Zeta GM II is pretty cheap, though. As I was going to ask this anyway,
not knowing which SUIT I've been assigned yet, can you recommend any
Galbaldy or Hi-Zack kits?
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