Re: [gundam] PG Zaku

Paul Lampshire (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 22:56:47 -0000

>>How about...
>>PG Mark II, Dom, Zeta, Scopedog, Valkyrie, Nu, Ingram
>With MG Dom delayed for years, it'll take forever for a PG Dom to come out,
>if at all!

Well, ask for the impossible I always say!

>A PG Valkyrie would be totally sweet, though!

Not sure what scale though. 1/50? or would 1/48 be better? Valks are smaller
than Gundams...

>>MG Scopedog, ZZ, Valkyrie, Dom, V2, S-Gundam, Jegan, Alex, Kampfer,
>A MG Quebeley? The box would be way bigger than the GP-02A.

What's a good model of the Queberey, btw?

>>And now for some totally hatstand suggestions.
>>MG Baund Dog, Elmeth, Jiong, Zakurello, Big Zam...
>B-Club just released a fully transformable Baund Dog GK, so this could be a
>possibility (thought probably not at 1/100 scale).

Oh ****. I think the Baund Dog looks very silly, but... How much is this

Ditto the Ziong. I don't
>really see a point of a MG MA, especially one without any movable joints
>such as the Elmeth...

Nor do I. I was just being silly.
Out of curiosity, have there been any models of the Elmeth made at all?

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