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>>>I'm a some of you. I attend Brandeis University, but I too
>>>would not mind joining the UN Spacy as a Valkryie pilot!
>> They're not going to have much problem with their recruitment
>>drive, are they? ^_-
>I was always under the impression that there's a high mortality rate among
>Valkyrie pilots. Do you think a pilot stands a better chance piloting a
>Valkyrie or a GM?

        Depends on the pilot of the Valkyrie. Rebellious young hero
types in Gundam get Gundams, and are better equipped to deal with Zeon
grudge holders than poor GM pilots. In Macross, you generally get
assigned a standard issue Valkyrie, but as long as you grow your hair
long and shaggy (sideburns help, or lots of blue dye) you'll probably
survive. Helps if you love pop singers, too (something Gundam has always
lacked... ^_-)

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