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Edward Ju (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 01:24:02 -0800

>>3 teams make up a squad, with multiple squads being assigned to a fleet.
>>I think the team makeup above was the Team #1 of Squad #1 from the 3rd fleet
>>during the assault on Solomon.

> The specific formations outlined in the MG kit manual are attached to
>the Tianem fleet, one of three fleets involved in Operation Star One and
>the one that was charged with the attack on Solomon. The Tianem fleet was
>further divided - according to Hobby Japan's One Year War book, into six
>fleets, but according to this one only three.

If by "this one" you meant the MG GM manual, you might have missed the
"..." that followed the 3rd fleet, meaning there were more. In fact it
goes from 3rd Fleet all the way to the 13th Autonomous Fleet, which IIRC is
the WB?

> In addition to the team Eddie listed - twin-saber commander GM, three
>regular GMs, one bazooka GM - there are four more listed. These include
>another all-GM team (three regular, two bazooka); an all-Ball team; a
>support team composed of a bazooka GM, two GM Cannons, and two Balls; and
>a fancy GM team composed of a GM Sniper Custom and four GM Commandos.

I think this is the first time I ever saw a GM Cannon in space. Based on
the MSV stuff I thought GM Cannons are limited in-atmosphere theaters,
mainly in North America?

> The accompanying article says that, after all this anticipation, the MG
>Dom project is once again underway - though Bandai's not ready to make a
>release date announcement yet. The pictured Dom, as Eddie notes, is a
>fan-created scratchbuild by some guy named Nakayama. But it's noted that
>the Japanese fans seem to dig Nakayama's interpretation, so the official
>version will likely follow his lead.

Cool, since Katoki is obviously having problem coming up with his own
version, if Bandai asked him to do a MG treatment at all.


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