Re: [gundam] Megaparticles Redux

Mark Simmons (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 00:32:47 -0800

Dafydd writes,

>Awhile back, I posted an item about "Bose-Einstein condensates" that were
>described as super-atoms and bore a striking resemblance to the
>mega-particles created by Minovsky physics.

  However, the explanation does seem to differ. These condensed atoms are
not only super-fuzzy thanks to their minimal momentum, but they also form
a super-dense blob of overlapping atoms. Minovsky particles don't become
that dense until you cram 'em together in a condenser, at which point
they have _extremely_ high energy (read: momentum) and would consequently
not experience any of the quantum fuzziness of Bose-Einstein condensates.

  The main moral of the story is that physics is just weird. These may
not be the elusive Minovsky particles, but they may be just around the
corner. Why, just the other day I was reading a story about the latest
developments in string theory, which bears the moniker "M-theory" for
reasons that no-one can satisfactorily explain... <grin>

-- Mark

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