Re: [gundam] Beam sabers

Mark Simmons (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:42:07 -0800

Rodrick Su writes,

>Well, all of the example I have quoted are from OYW, when beam weapon was
>very very new.

  They're also not examples; aside from the Gundam's beam saber running
out of juice in its hand, we have no One Year War examples of mobile
suits swiping each others' beam sabers or releasing them while lit. (And
no, I'm not counting the Gundam 0079 game.)

  Speaking of examples, a correction is in order regarding Shiro's
make-a-sauna-with-a-beam-saber escapade. Of course his cockpit is still
usable - after all, Aina uses it to pop out the saber and manuever it
with the Gundam's hand. Meanwhile, Shiro pops open a hatch in the
Gundam's forearm to twiddle the saber's power output. Unclear whether
this governs plasma flow or rate of E-cap discharge or electrical power
or what, but it confirms that this is _not_ a standard feature since it
can't be done from the cockpit.

-- Mark

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