[gundam] GM liner notes, Giren's Greed bits

Mark Simmons (scorpio@best.com)
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 00:09:38 -0800

Hi folks,

  More GM trivia from the MG kit manual, coming right up. First, a
Giren's Greed digression...

I finally got the Giren's Greed expansion disc with its assortment of
playable movies, wacky saved games, and cut-scene storyboards. Based on
this, a few observations:

* The Desert Zakus are actually parading in Africa, as they should be. As
the voiceover indicates, we're shown a Magella Attack procession in
Odessa, a Desert Zaku parade in Africa, then Garma's victory parade in
New York City. This all takes place on April 10, 0079, and marks the
completion of Zeon's initial Earth invasion.

* Operation V begins on April 1, and initial testing of the RX Project
prototypes is completed on September 1.

* Dozul's fleet, shown in the first movie, consists of two Gwajin-class
battleships, six Chibe-class cruisers, and 24 Musais. This matches the
fleet outline I'd proposed - namely, that each fleet consists of a Gwajin
flagship and three squadrons of cruisers, each squadron consisting of one
Chibe and four Musais. The storyboards indicate that Dozul leads one
force to attack Sides 1 and 4, while Kishiria leads another to attack
Sides 2 and 6 (I may have those assignments switched). If Zeon has seven
or eight fleets (seven is the traditional figure), that gives Dozul and
Kishiria two apiece to launch the war, while three or four remain behind
to protect the homeland.

* The second Gelgoog shown at Solomon may not be Gato's after all;
watching the clip on the TV screen, it looks green and grey, not green
and blue. Shrug.

  Okay, enough of that. On to the GM!

As I'd expected, the Master Grade GM kit manual is full of cool tidbits.
But weirdly enough, a lot of the info is culled from one of the old
Kodansha MSV books; info on the GM's production run (42 trial units, only
288 mass-production ones) and the fleet strength of Operation Star One is
lifted from Kodansha's MSV 3 book, and is completely incompatible with
the numbers in EB 39 and Hobby Japan's One Year War book. I say disregard
- I can guarantee you that the Federation made more than 330 GMs during
the war!

  In other news...

* The 08th MS Team GM is shoehorned into the GM's development history.
The GM project begins with the RX-79 designation, and then there's a
trial run of 42 units specially designed for ground combat. The second
production run gives us the familiar RGM-79.

* As noted earlier, the GM features a non-transforming core block in
place of the Gundam's core fighter system. The propellant tanks and
"helium cores" tacked onto the Gundam's pelvis are, in the GM, relocated
to the core block; thus, the GM isn't deficient in this respect, just
more compact and streamlined. The core block can also be swapped out to
adapt the GM for different environments.

* The dreaded beam spray gun is, according to the kit manual, equivalent
to the beam rifle in terms of destructive power; however, it's inferior
in terms of range and penetration. In Probe terms, it seems to have a
slower particle speed. The gun recharges while docked on the GM's hip -
yep, just like a beam saber - which seems like confirmation that it has
an E-Cap, albeit probably a small one. Judging from this writeup, the
spray gun seems like the equivalent of a high-caliber pistol: Minimal
range, limited ammo, but packs a heck of a punch.

* The GM can also carry a second beam saber or a bazooka rack on its
backpack. If neither item is installed, you plug in a "terminator" to
prevent energy loss.

* The five-unit team organization applies to space forces only. Mobile
suits attached to the Federation space force are organized like space
fighters (i.e. teams of five), while those attached to ground forces are
organized like tanks (presumably, in teams of four as seen in 08th MS
Team and 0083). Space forces are organized into battalions, with three
companies to a battalion and three teams to a company, for a battalion
total of 45 mobile suits.

-- Mark

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