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Edward Ju (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:37:13 -0800

>On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Edward Ju wrote:
>> B Club is Bandai's subsidiary that specializes in garage kits (resin and
>> vinyl), which are more expensive than plastic injection kits due to a
>> market (and lack of economy of scale) and the intensive labor involved in
>> sculpturing the original mold.
>Is that it? I always through there's some special attractions about resin
>kits that justify the cost. (and I was a bit embarassed to ask such a
>dumb question: why do people like resin kit anyway?)

Resin kits are often called "garage kits" in Japan (which now is a superset
that includes both vinyl and resin kits) because historically they started
out as creations of talented fans who toiled away in their little garage
sculpting the original kit. Even with the eventual commercialization and
a bigger scale of distribution, this is still a niche market limited by
both supply and demand, and thus the high prices.

People don't necessarily like resin kits more, sometimes you have no choice.
Where else are you going to get a kit of The O in any scale, or a 1/100 scale
Ziong, or a Dendrobium in any scale? Resin kits are the medium of choice for
figures, though. Bandai flirted with those "MS Lady" kits, but injection
plastic kits never came close to the quality of resin figure kits (example:
Evangelion GKs). GKs also excel when your priority is accurate proportions
and nice poses, since fixed-pose GKs do not have to worry about articulation
or transformation sequences.

>For human or creature figures I can understand resin, because you can bend
>them, but for mechas? It seems there isn't much you can do with resin
>that you can't do with injection kit.

Resin is hard, you can't really bend it like PVC or rubber. Take the classic
forward pose of the Gundam or Zaku, even the MG kits still can't do it. I
don't know if the PG Gundam is capable of it, since I haven't built mine yet
and I have yet to see a photo that shows it can pose like this. With a GK,
sculptors are afforded much more creative freedom and artistic liberty.


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