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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 21:41:17 -0800

Dafydd writes,

>This describes the various mecha and character battle combinations. You
>can actually have the 20-year-old Char versus the 33-year-old Char. Oh,
>and it's now official: Char's 0087 alias is Romanized here as "Quatto
>Vagina".... (I wonder if he's related to Austin Powers' Lotta?)

  It's not "official" just 'cause it appears in a Kodansha game book, or
even in a Banpresto video game (witness the "United Nations" versus "Zion
Dukedom" of Giren's Greed). It becomes "official" when Sunrise sends out
a memo confirming it, as they did with the terms "Earth Federation Space
Force," "Principality of Zeon," and the assorted character name
romanizations from original Gundam. (And yes, I know they sent out an
official memo, 'cause I've seen a copy of it.)

>The UC Science section covers Minovsky Physics and Psycommu/Psychoframe.
>The MS Development is of interest because it profiles the manufacturers
>(Zeonic, Zimmad, MIP, Flanagan Institution & Anaheim Electronics) AND the
>"parts makers" (Takimu Motor, Abine & Matumusonic).

  Awww, now I have to get it!

>Oh, yeah, and another fannish acronym becomes official here on page 91:

  Above arguments aside, this one may not be authorized by Sunrise, but
it was used in Gundam Century, which - as far as most Japanese fans and
scribes are concerned - makes it the next best thing. Unlike the idiotic
GUNDAM acronym, this has appeared in so many books and kit manuals that
it's almost canonical...

-- Mark

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