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Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:55:18 EST

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>PS The MG Dom I mentioned was actually a "fantasy" MG kit submitted by yet
> another crazed fan who obviously had more time and resources than Bandai.
> It looked awesome though, and if Bandai fails to put out a MG Dom of this
> caliber then I can understand about the delay!
   The accompanying article says that, after all this anticipation, the MG
 Dom project is once again underway - though Bandai's not ready to make a
 release date announcement yet. The pictured Dom, as Eddie notes, is a
 fan-created scratchbuild by some guy named Nakayama. But it's noted that
 the Japanese fans seem to dig Nakayama's interpretation, so the official
 version will likely follow his lead.
thank goodness, I was really excited when the original pictures were
mentioned, then let down when it was a fan kit, but finally excited again by
the articlr saying it is underway again,

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