RE: [gundam] The next grade of MS?

Y. Choe (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:50:33 -0800

> Ok, we have High Grade, Master Grade, and now Perfect Grade. What's
> next, Ultimate Grade, Superior Grade? Can you think of more higher
> and better sounding grade of model?

They way the model kit has been going, the Master Grade is going the way of
High Grade, which was supposed to be the be all end all model kits for the
original gundams. I truly suspect that the MG won't go the way of HG until
they release ZZ and HyakuShiki/Type 100. In fact, it might be that all UC
Gundams get at least the MG treatment. As for the PG, it seems to be for
the classic kits, such as Gundam and Zaku, with Mk. II and Zeta likely
candidates. Gundam itself leads to at least several upgrade kits (for
RX-78-1 and RX-78-3) and Zaku is more or less endless (the R1-A kits and the
endless Zaku MSV).

I would kill for a MK.II PG...

Once PG goes the way of MG, we may have 1/45th Battery operated self
propelled Gundams and Zakus battling it out with each other... The Ultra
Grade Gundam (UGG!)

Y. Choe

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