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This just in: Kodansha Game Special 142 Mobile Suit Gundam Char's
Counterattack Perfect Manual (1998.12.17, Kodansha, ISBN4-06-343142-8) 98
color A5 pages for 1000.

Pages 6-9 = Mobile Suit Basic Operation Manual
Pages 10-13 = Mobile Suit Pilot Training Course

These are game play directions with a lot of window dressing.

Pages 14-20 = Mobile Suit & Pilot File

This describes the mecha and characters in the game.

Pages 21-30 = Story Mode, Amuro Version
Pages 31-40 = Story Mode, Char Version

Self-explanatory, I think....

Pages 41-58 = Competition Mode

This describes the various mecha and character battle combinations. You
can actually have the 20-year-old Char versus the 33-year-old Char. Oh,
and it's now official: Char's 0087 alias is Romanized here as "Quatto
Vagina".... (I wonder if he's related to Austin Powers' Lotta?)

That's pretty much it for the game -- the rest of the book (pages 59-95) is
all Gundam World backgrounder!

Pages 59-61 = G-Chronicle History of Gundam
Pages 62-73 = Amuro Rei vs Char Aznable Memorial Battles
Pages 74-75 = Char Aznable Personal History
Pages 76-77 = Char's Women (Lalar, Hamaan, Reccoa, Nanai & Quess)
Pages 78-85 = Char's Counterattack Film Digest
Pages 86-89 = The Science of Universal Century
Pages 90-93 = Mobile Suit Development
Pages 94-95 = Gundam Materials (plamodel, Cardass Masters, LD, CD, etc.)

The UC Science section covers Minovsky Physics and Psycommu/Psychoframe.
The MS Development is of interest because it profiles the manufacturers
(Zeonic, Zimmad, MIP, Flanagan Institution & Anaheim Electronics) AND the
"parts makers" (Takimu Motor, Abine & Matumusonic).

Oh, yeah, and another fannish acronym becomes official here on page 91:



Read it and weep!


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