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On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy, Far, Far Away.... wrote:
> >1/100 transformable Valkyrie, I think the Valkyrie is just not a very
> >realistic mecha. Even with the transformation cheat (changing nose cone
> >during transformation) it still looks uncool and moves rigidly. It's
> What do you mean by transformation cheat? Last time I checked, everything
> works out.

IF we are talking about the same kit: everything works out except that
when switching from fighter/gerwalk mode to battroid mode, you pull out
the nose cone with cockpit and replace it with the nose cone with the
legs attachment points. The cockpit nose cone has the transparent
windshield and is a lot narrower and smaller. The battroid noce cone has
the blast shield down and is much wider and has two buldges where the legs
join the hip. It's a small cheat, but a cheat.

If you have a kit that doesn't require nose cone change, then I'd like to
hear about it.

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