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>> Anyway, I think that the domestic release of these models will be to
>> distributors that would normally carry such models anyway, and perhaps

>> to a few extra beyond that.
>Actually, Gundam models and toys have been in domestic release for quite
>some time. Previews has been soliciting them for over five years. I
>imagine they sell well, though.

I think he might have been referring to a bigger market than that.
that rumor a while back about Bandai going domestic with Toys-R-Us? From
what I have been able to find, there might be some truth to that rumor

>> Remember in the mid-80s when someone bought
>> the Robotech liscence and a bunch of old Bandai models, and released
>Actually, that _was_ Robotech. Revell licensed a whole bunch of robot
>from Takara, Imai, and/or Arii, and to "brand" the kits they created the
>name Robotech for them. Then came the DC "Robotech Defenders" comic
>(which featured the models), then the TV series (which didn't feature
>of the models), and it went downhill (or uphill) from there.

Actually, there were three different Robotechs, the Revell one, the DC
one, and the Harmony Gold. Revell licensed a bunch of mecha kits (like
said) and licensed them under the Robotech Defenders name. DC was hired
to do a comicbook to tie all of these kits together. It was supposed to
be 3
issues, but it was *so* *bad*, DC cut it down to two (I have the second
Carl Macek brought over Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada, and
combined them into one series. He needed a recognizable name for them,
so he bought the Robotech name from Revell.
Now two side notes. Almost all of the mecha featured in the Robotech
model line eventually showed up in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Edition of the
boxed sets and were the staple mech designs up until 2 years ago. Revell
later brought over the Mospeada vehicles as models, but because they
not use the Robotech name anymore, they renamed them "Gobots". So if
you pick up any "Gobot" model kits, they are not models of the popular
toys and cartoon characters, they're Mospeada models.

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