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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 17:08:28 -0800

Eddie writes,

>Just got mine yesterday. Sweet kit!

  Just got mine today, and on first glance I must concur.

>Oh yeah, everyone's favorite
>puke green is back with a vengence, making up about 40% of the parts. :)
>The pictures you've seen on HLJ and elsewhere has been PAINTED WHITE.

  Ah, but there are many hues of puke green. For the benefit of Prabal
and others, I'd say this one is a light aqua, slightly less intense than
that used on the Gundam Griepe and the Re-GZ - as opposed to the pale
greenish-white used on the GM Commando and its ilk.

>3 teams make up a squad, with multiple squads being assigned to a fleet.
>I think the team makeup above was the Team #1 of Squad #1 from the 3rd fleet
>during the assault on Solomon.

  Actually, I'd just been pondering Federation team sizes. The Zeons seem
to favor three-unit teams across the board (as dictated by their ships'
carrying capacities), but the Federation typically seems to use four (the
Kalent team and "immortal 4th" in 0083, the three-Gundams-plus-hovertruck
formation of 08th MS Team). But the old MSV kit manuals say it's five,
and it seems the MG kit manual echoes this. According to the Giren's
Greed animation, five is the standard number for Saberfish fighter
formations, so it makes sense this would carry over to mobile suits as well.

  The specific formations outlined in the MG kit manual are attached to
the Tianem fleet, one of three fleets involved in Operation Star One and
the one that was charged with the attack on Solomon. The Tianem fleet was
further divided - according to Hobby Japan's One Year War book, into six
fleets, but according to this one only three. Of these, the 3rd Fleet
commanded by Captain Wakkein was the one that began the attack, drawing
out Solomon's defensive forces so that the other fleets could zap 'em
with the Solar System. The mobile suit forces diagrammed in the MG kit
manual are, as Eddie notes, attached to Wakkein's 3rd Fleet.

  In addition to the team Eddie listed - twin-saber commander GM, three
regular GMs, one bazooka GM - there are four more listed. These include
another all-GM team (three regular, two bazooka); an all-Ball team; a
support team composed of a bazooka GM, two GM Cannons, and two Balls; and
a fancy GM team composed of a GM Sniper Custom and four GM Commandos.

  Personally, the notion of an all-support team sounds a bit fishy to me;
the Guncannon and GM Cannon are supposed to be mixed in with regular
close-combat units, not segregated into their own little artillery
squads. But hey.

>PS The MG Dom I mentioned was actually a "fantasy" MG kit submitted by yet
> another crazed fan who obviously had more time and resources than Bandai.
> It looked awesome though, and if Bandai fails to put out a MG Dom of this
> caliber then I can understand about the delay!

  The accompanying article says that, after all this anticipation, the MG
Dom project is once again underway - though Bandai's not ready to make a
release date announcement yet. The pictured Dom, as Eddie notes, is a
fan-created scratchbuild by some guy named Nakayama. But it's noted that
the Japanese fans seem to dig Nakayama's interpretation, so the official
version will likely follow his lead.

Probe writes,

> EYYYEAHG... I hope you mean that at least we got a clear _transparent_
>visor with some kind of camera-detail behind it, yes? Otherwise it's
>beginning to sound like this kit sucks!

  Yes, it's transparent and backed by a detail piece. It's just not
green. Otherwise, the colors seem perfectly accurate - even down to the
classic red shoulders (I'll confess I was worried).

-- Mark

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