Re: [gundam] Beam sabers

Mark Simmons (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 16:47:26 -0800

Rodrick Su writes,

>Ok, I don't see a problem with a Zaku grabbing a activated beam saber and
>use it for a couple of seconds. But I don't see a Zaku grabbing a
>charged beam saber from the GM's backpack and expect it to actually be
>able to activate the blade. Hell, I also don't see a Gelgoog which is
>capable of using beam saber doing the samething to the GM's beam saber,
>wrong interface and all.

  Tell that to the staff of Z Gundam, in which an Asshimar grabs one of
the Gundam Mk.II's beam sabers right off its backpack, and a Gaplant
heists a beam naginata from a trashed Gelgoog. :-)

  Guess they're all using the Universal Saber Bus... <nerdy grin>

-- Mark

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