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<< If the GP-02A can toss out its beam saber and have it remain "lit", then
 there is no reason why a Zaku cannot grab the beam saber from Gundam and
 have it turned off all of a sudden, despite the fact that Zakus aren't
 designed to use beam saber. If you get a flash light that was left on,
 it should remain on after it changes hands.

Or the Saber may respond to singles from the Gundams hand, allowing the pilot
to control it. If the Gundam's contact with the Saber is broken without a
specific command that let's it stay on, it should go out. In the case of the
Saber not staying on when a Zaku grabs it, maybe Zaku's IFF code wasn't right.
As an energy weapon of such devastating power, and the size of large missile,
I think I as the designer would want to prevent the enemy from using it
against my side, so placing a dead man switch in the Saber that turns it off
if any non Gundam/GM removes it from a Gundam/GM's contact would make good
sense. And since current technology today can make proximity circuitry like
this, engineers in the future should also be able to make the same circuitry.

PS-I'm an electronics engineer for Tokyo Electron Limited, and my specialty is
inductively coupled plasma sputtering systems.

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