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Danny S. Kim (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 15:31:09 -0800

Are these models come prepainted? For the price of it, it seem to be pretty HCM.
Like those Mazinger toys.


Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Edward Ju wrote:
> > B Club is Bandai's subsidiary that specializes in garage kits (resin and
> > vinyl), which are more expensive than plastic injection kits due to a smaller
> > market (and lack of economy of scale) and the intensive labor involved in
> > sculpturing the original mold.
> Is that it? I always through there's some special attractions about resin
> kits that justify the cost. (and I was a bit embarassed to ask such a
> dumb question: why do people like resin kit anyway?)
> For human or creature figures I can understand resin, because you can bend
> them, but for mechas? It seems there isn't much you can do with resin
> that you can't do with injection kit.
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