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Operator7G - Michael Ip (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 11:58:01 +1300

At 10:38 1999.02.18 -0800, Danny wrote:
>I'm sure there is no plan of making any Gundam movie. At least not for a
>(They better not since I want to work on one.)
>Of course they must talk about it all the time, but like always money is
the main
>I know technology is there to produce full CG Gundam to do a movie.
>Let's see if someone is willing to pay millions of dollars to do another
>CG movie
>after big disappointment with Godzilla.

Am I missing something? Have they canned G Saviour? They can't have coz
it the second BIG BANG! They just can't have one.

Michael Ip

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