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>I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for responding. Seems like the
>consensus is to either forget F91 and G and get Zeta or Wing or, if I want
>take the risk, get F91. I figure I'll order the first part of Zeta to see
>what it's like, but I'd really like to get a movie as well. Is Char's
>Counterattack any better?

    People asked you to forget G Gundam is because it is not really the type
of Gundam any Gundam fan would expect, since it has very few things in
common with other Gundams beside the name. As for F91, people get used to
it, but not that many people like it, I guess that's because fans feel the
movie barely scratch the surface, in terms of plot. As for Zeta, if you can
stand the outdated animation, is among the best in terms of story, providing
that you can stand a not-so-likable hero and a pretty sad story. I am not
sure if you have watched the original Gundam or not, but before Zeta, you
should watch the movies so you can get more out of the story. Zeta's first
few episodes are kinda slow, so be patient. As for Char's Counterattack,
personally, I feel the story is pretty slow, and if you haven't watched the
original Gundam, you wouldn't really like this movie, since it's basically
the "ending" of the story between Amuro and Char.

>Also on a completely unrelated note, what kind of model is the Wing Gundam
>1/100? Does it require glue, etc. or is it a snap together? And has
>ever ordered from

    Almost all of the kits released in the past couple of years don't
require glue except maybe Master Grade or Perfect Grade kits...

Edmund Chiu

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