Re: [gundam] MG GM

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 13:27:14 -0700 (MST)

> surprised to find that the GM was given Gundam's beam rifle too. :)

  Hey, that's pretty cool! At least if they're recycling, you're getting
some of the cooler weapons as well...

> All but 3 runners of the entire kit were identified as parts for either the
> MG RX-78 Gundam or the MG GM. Of the 3 "new" runners, 1 was actually only

  Er, so you mean that all but three of the trees were for the MG Gundam?

> a half runner (dark colored parts for the Core Block and the Beam Gun), and
> the other two full runners has lotsa recycled parts as well. The feet were
> identical to the Gundam's (the red soles). Oh yeah, everyone's favorite

  Hrm.. Well, I guess that was to be expected. Oh well! So we can't expect
any improvements to the joints or to mobility or anything like that. Oh

> puke green is back with a vengence, making up about 40% of the parts. :)
> The pictures you've seen on HLJ and elsewhere has been PAINTED WHITE.

  AAAUGH! I thought we'd seen the LAST of that ghastly puke green! Dammit!
Is it a 'faint' puke-green like with the GP-01, or is it a really ghastly
puke green, like with the 0080 GM-GS?? Sheesh! I do not want to spend $30
on a MG kit and have to completely repaint it just to make it look
_bearable_! Yeeek!

> The backpack thrusters were identical to the Gundam's. The only real new
> gimmicks was in the bazooka mount, and the alternative waist side armor

  I guess it's some sort of 'plug in' bazooka mount that fits into the
saber housing or something right?

> which allows you to mount the beam pistol. The manual recommended a GM
> team made up of 5 GMs:

  Collect and save!

> 1 Team leader - dual saber type
> 3 Normal types
> 1 Support (with bazooka rack)

  I'm surprised they didn't have at least one GM sporting a Gundam-style
beam rifle for long-range shooting!

> My only complaint: the visor wasn't molded in trasparent green! What's up
> with this, Bandai was going nuts with transparent green parts with these
> cheapo Wing Gundam kits, and now they're turning cheapo on the MG GM kit?

  EYYYEAHG... I hope you mean that at least we got a clear _transparent_
visor with some kind of camera-detail behind it, yes? Otherwise it's
beginning to sound like this kit sucks!

> green transparency, I guess the MG GM is indeed not designed to surpass the
> Gundam in any way. :)


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