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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 10:45:45 -0800

Eddie writes,

>Hmm, IIRC, in the 0079 War for Earth game, Char's Zaku managed to grab
>a beam saber from Gundam but could not use it. So doesn't that kill
>your theory?
>"Yeah, but that's non-canonical VIDEOGAME!"

  Very much so. Remember, this is also the video game where
"interference" prevents the Gundam Tank from using its beam rifle, and
where - since the Bandai people told them in all earnestness that the
Zeons didn't have beam weapons of any sort - the White Base is knocked
out of orbit by a shell-firing cannon. Of course, in _real_ Gundam,
everything from Musais to Gows to ground turrets pack mega particle
cannons; it's just that the Zeons can't cram that firepower into a beam
rifle so that mobile suits can use it.

  In short, the technology in that game is highly non-canonical.

Daniel A. Fisher writes,

>So here's another example: in 08th MS Team, when Shiro and Aina are stuck
>in the cold, they use the RX-79 Gundam's beam saber to heat ice to make
>water. Shiro says,"Even when I turned it down to the lowest setting, it's
>still really hot..."
>He turns some sort of knob in the arm...ideas?

  Again, this could just be a control in the beam saber itself, governing
the rate at which it expends its stored energy. Yeah, he fiddles around
inside the Gundam's arm, but that's because the cockpit is all busted -
he's got to operate the saber somehow...

As for the Zaku question: If a petit mobile suit can steal and use the Z
Gundam's beam saber, I don't see why a Zaku couldn't. You could posit
that the petit mobile suit is set up to supply the necessary _electrical_
power through its hand and the Zaku doesn't, but is that really plausible?

  Or maybe the saber has a small electrical battery, enough to keep it
running for a few seconds, but for sustained use it requires power to be
delivered through the mobile suit's hand. This would be consistent with
the notion that the _particles_ that make up the blade are stored
entirely within the saber hilt and can only be replenished when the saber
is returned to its storage position.

-- Mark

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