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At 07:55 AM 2/18/99 , Daniel A. Fisher wrote:
>So here's another example: in 08th MS Team, when Shiro and Aina are
>in the cold, they use the RX-79 Gundam's beam saber to heat ice to make
>water. Shiro says,"Even when I turned it down to the lowest setting,
>still really hot..."
>He turns some sort of knob in the arm...ideas?

The beam saber's I-Field shell is powered by the e-cap on the hilt.
The actual plasma comes from the reactor of the MS. Thus, the
function of how hot the beam saber runs is depended upon how much
plasma is taken from the reactor. As for the 0083 decoy beam sword,
we only saw it glow for a couple of seconds, it probably won't
completely cool down that fast.

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