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>>P.S. So, does this mean that any mobile suit can use a beam saber?
>>Probably so - in the second episode of ZZ, Yazzan swipes one and uses
>>with a petit mobile suit. What of the Hizack's infamous single beam
>>weapon limit? Well, that's a whole other subject...
>Hmm, IIRC, in the 0079 War for Earth game, Char's Zaku managed to grab
>a beam saber from Gundam but could not use it. So doesn't that kill
>your theory?
>"Yeah, but that's non-canonical VIDEOGAME!"
>"Yeah, but 0083 is a non-Tomino OVA!"

Zaku isn't designed to use beam saber. Perhaps a GM can grab the
Gundam's beam saber and use it, but definately not Zaku.

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