Re: [gundam] PG Zaku

Paul Lampshire (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 22:33:02 -0000

>At 11:38 PM 16/02/1999 -0800, Y. Choe wrote:
>>Now, what the f**k does it take for Bandai to get their ass on Type 100 MG
>>and ZZ MG with FA parts? Or am I the only one wishing for MG treatment of
>>ZZ and Type 100? Will the TurnA/MirrorE get the MG treatment before these
>>two MS? Who knows? Who cares?
>Well, if we're starting a wishlist, I'd like to have MG versions of GP03S,
>NuGundam and Sazabi. And a Perfect Grade GP02, which always struck me as
>the meanest looking Gundam of all. I guess it'd have about 100%-50% more
>parts than PG RX-78. I like kits with lots and lots of parts :P

How about...

PG Mark II, Dom, Zeta, Scopedog, Valkyrie, Nu, Ingram
MG Scopedog, ZZ, Valkyrie, Dom, V2, S-Gundam, Jegan, Alex, Kampfer, Queberey

And now for some totally hatstand suggestions.
MG Baund Dog, Elmeth, Jiong, Zakurello, Big Zam...

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