Re: [gundam] Beam sabers

Edward Ju (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:18:35 -0800

>Ben Koshy writes,
>>I've wondered that myself, and was told by reliable sources that they do
>>indeed work off the reactor and that the pilot can control how much power
>>goes into the beam saber. This is illustrated in the Gundam 0083 as you see
>>Gato slide a slider control to increase the size and width of his Beam
>>Sabre. I think there are special power connections in the hand that send
>>power to the sabre from the reactor.
> Actually, the preponderance of evidence indicates that sabers are
>self-powered. They store high-energy Minovski particles in an energy
>capacitor and recharge from the mobile suit's reactor when they're
>"holstered." Remember how Gato discards a lit beam saber, using it as
>decoy? Couldn't do that it if it were powered through the hand.
> Meanwhile, in the original series, at one point the Gundam's saber runs
>out of juice while the Gundam is holding it - its energy supply ran out.
>That's probably why, in CCA, we see mobile suits constantly turning their
>sabers on and off in mid-battle.
> So what's the deal with the GP02A boosting its saber output? Beats me.
>Could be a function of how fast the pilot is willing to run down the
>capacitor. This saber-boosting is supposedly a feature unique to the
>GP02A. At any rate, since Gato pulls the decoy saber routine in the same
>fight, it seems pretty clear the staff are thinking of sabers as self-powered.
>-- Mark
>P.S. So, does this mean that any mobile suit can use a beam saber?
>Probably so - in the second episode of ZZ, Yazzan swipes one and uses it
>with a petit mobile suit. What of the Hizack's infamous single beam
>weapon limit? Well, that's a whole other subject...

Hmm, IIRC, in the 0079 War for Earth game, Char's Zaku managed to grab
a beam saber from Gundam but could not use it. So doesn't that kill
your theory?

"Yeah, but that's non-canonical VIDEOGAME!"

"Yeah, but 0083 is a non-Tomino OVA!"


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