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>In a message dated 2/17/99 10:38:31 AM Mountain Standard Time,
><< Did you order it from HLJ or Rainbow Ten? I pre-ordered 3 from Rainbow Ten
> but they were only able to reserve 1 for me, but when they got the shipment
> they were able to send me 3 anyways.
> Eddie
> >>
>HLJ. I don't have Rainbow Ten's URL.

Here you go:

> Order system e-mail
> Question,inquiry and etc.

Just got mine yesterday. Sweet kit! As expected, Bandai tried to recycle
as many parts as possible from the MG Gundam kit, but I was pleasantly
surprised to find that the GM was given Gundam's beam rifle too. :)

All but 3 runners of the entire kit were identified as parts for either the
MG RX-78 Gundam or the MG GM. Of the 3 "new" runners, 1 was actually only
a half runner (dark colored parts for the Core Block and the Beam Gun), and
the other two full runners has lotsa recycled parts as well. The feet were
identical to the Gundam's (the red soles). Oh yeah, everyone's favorite
puke green is back with a vengence, making up about 40% of the parts. :)
The pictures you've seen on HLJ and elsewhere has been PAINTED WHITE.

The backpack thrusters were identical to the Gundam's. The only real new
gimmicks was in the bazooka mount, and the alternative waist side armor
which allows you to mount the beam pistol. The manual recommended a GM
team made up of 5 GMs:

1 Team leader - dual saber type
3 Normal types
1 Support (with bazooka rack)

3 teams make up a squad, with multiple squads being assigned to a fleet.
I think the team makeup above was the Team #1 of Squad #1 from the 3rd fleet
during the assault on Solomon.

My only complaint: the visor wasn't molded in trasparent green! What's up
with this, Bandai was going nuts with transparent green parts with these
cheapo Wing Gundam kits, and now they're turning cheapo on the MG GM kit?
Since the MG Gundam's eyes were also molded in clear transparency instead of
green transparency, I guess the MG GM is indeed not designed to surpass the
Gundam in any way. :)


PS The MG Dom I mentioned was actually a "fantasy" MG kit submitted by yet
   another crazed fan who obviously had more time and resources than Bandai.
   It looked awesome though, and if Bandai fails to put out a MG Dom of this
   caliber then I can understand about the delay!

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