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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 02:43:51 -0800

Ben Koshy writes,

>I've wondered that myself, and was told by reliable sources that they do
>indeed work off the reactor and that the pilot can control how much power
>goes into the beam saber. This is illustrated in the Gundam 0083 as you see
>Gato slide a slider control to increase the size and width of his Beam
>Sabre. I think there are special power connections in the hand that send
>power to the sabre from the reactor.

  Actually, the preponderance of evidence indicates that sabers are
self-powered. They store high-energy Minovski particles in an energy
capacitor and recharge from the mobile suit's reactor when they're
"holstered." Remember how Gato discards a lit beam saber, using it as
decoy? Couldn't do that it if it were powered through the hand.

  Meanwhile, in the original series, at one point the Gundam's saber runs
out of juice while the Gundam is holding it - its energy supply ran out.
That's probably why, in CCA, we see mobile suits constantly turning their
sabers on and off in mid-battle.

  So what's the deal with the GP02A boosting its saber output? Beats me.
Could be a function of how fast the pilot is willing to run down the
capacitor. This saber-boosting is supposedly a feature unique to the
GP02A. At any rate, since Gato pulls the decoy saber routine in the same
fight, it seems pretty clear the staff are thinking of sabers as self-powered.

-- Mark

P.S. So, does this mean that any mobile suit can use a beam saber?
Probably so - in the second episode of ZZ, Yazzan swipes one and uses it
with a petit mobile suit. What of the Hizack's infamous single beam
weapon limit? Well, that's a whole other subject...

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